The Islamic Society of Cumberland is a none-profit Islamic organization whose primary purpose is to serve Allah by establishing a mosque in Western Maryland and north east part of West Virginia. Alhamdoullilah, Allah has blessed us in October 2012 to buy this current building and land with the intention for a future larger mosque and Islamic Center Insha'Allah.

The ISC holds prayers every Friday (times available, as well as speical prayers during Ramadan and Eid's. Insh'alllah we hold Tajweed Halaka for sisters every Friday at 6:00PM and Islamic School for children as well. Parents are welcome to come and study as well. Times for the events are all available on the Programs page.

Isha'allah we will have events to keep our community tight together as well as to reach out to non-muslim's, make ourseleves known in the area, and to spread the knoweldge Allah has blessed us with. You can keep up with the ISC's events here.

Board Members

President: Riyaz Janjua

Vice President: Shakil Rahman

Treasureer: Bilal Itani

Director General: Saim Jafri

Board Members:
Riaz Janjua
Bilal Itani